Answers for Joyegame Stage 3D questions

Recently We have some questions from Stage 3D game developers:

1. Is there any solution of render a non-power-of-two texture to a Render Target?

2. Is there any API or possible ways of Hardware Copy between Render Target and Back Buffer?

3. If above two questions are enhancement request, is the[……]

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Minutes Of HTML5 Annual Home Party

Shortlists of China HTML5 Game Programming Contest:
1.    SavePAPA: it’s a very good HTML5 puzzle game using Box2D JS to achieve physical collision effect. It mainly leverages HTML5 Canvas. The developer got success from their Flash game development experience. And they had improve the source code of Box2D to optimize the performance. They win the first prize in the end.
2.    Happy Ghost Wars: it’s a HTML5 Adventure Game and mainly leverages Canvas, Audio and Local Storage. Two members finished this game in two week during their spare time. They designed this game for they both like Happy Ghost serial movies. They are planning to develop a social version of this game and will publish it to Facebook and
3.    The rabbit’s travel: it’s a HTML5 Adventure Game and mainly leverages Canvas, Audio and Motion control. 8 members finished this game in 20 hours and it runs well in iOS, Android and Desktop browsers.
4.    3D Bomb Man: it’s a HTML5 3D Action Game and mainly leverages WebGL, Audio and Local Storage. The author finished this game with the JS3D engine which developed by himself and the performance is good in desktop browsers.
5.    Shooter: it’s a HTML5 Shooting Game and mainly leverages HTML5 Canvas. The developer is a college student and finished this game during his spare time. There are spectacular special effects in this game.

During the conference, He Huang, CEO of Leiyoo, announced their first MMOSLG game "Twilight Empire", which can be run on WinPhone, iOS and Android. One of their frontend architects, Guo Zhao, shared the design of their game framework (Core + Plugins + UI libraries + map/animation/level editors) and technical issues (screen resolution, traffic control) in implementation. This framework mainly leverages Canvas, Manifest (Off-line Storage), WebSocket and CSS3.

Guangyu Qi, who comes from Microsoft IE9 product team, introduced the features in Win8 and HTML5 support in IE9. He showed a live demo about the excellent support for large numbers of sound tracks in IE9, compared with the poor performance in Chrome and Firefox.


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Top 10 issues in MY 2011

There are some important and high impact bugs processed by me:

1. Iteration of Dictionary object will be executed twice


2. Microsoft mouse Scrolling bug in AIR


32 bit Windows:
64 bit Windows :

3. Decrease frame rate in Social Game when minimize browser

FlashPlayer10.1加入了最小化浏览器自动降低帧频的功能,给很多在线游戏带了麻烦。这是为了降低Flash Player的CPU占用率提升性能,所以不会变动。但是未来Flash Player将在主动降低帧频时发出事件,开发者可以在程序中捕捉这一事件进行相应的变化。

4. TextField/TLF bug discussion

TextField性能很好但是图文混排支持不好更不支持国际化,TLF图文混排很好也支持国际化但性能不好且需要下载几百k的文件包,怎样改进? Flash Player未来将重写TextField底层引擎以集成这两者的优点。

5. Performance very bad when moving mouse with key down on Windows


6. Timezone Date class Bug when DST is on on windows

某些时区采用夏令时会在夏令时开始的那一小时时间显示有误差。此问题是由于Windows导致,微软一直未修复此问题。Mac系统上无此问题。Flash Player未来也许将采用类似Java的机制加入内建数据库来同步夏令时时间而不是依赖于操作系统。


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Ten Thousand Possibilities Of Flash








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